Judy Bowen-Jones
Anna T, Piano Teacher, Mayfield
Acupuncture for arthritic pain & well-being
"I first went to Judy because the joints in my fingers were becoming arthritic and painful. I now have no pain or swelling in my hands, and am in really good health, which I put down to regular ‘top up’ acupuncture appointments. Also, my blood pressure is exemplary, unusual for someone like me who enjoys food and wine - this is apparently an acknowledged result of acupuncture. Over the years Judy has successfully treated me for plantar fasciitis, neuralgia, hair loss, knee pain and bad sleep patterns. She is extremely knowledgeable about diet as well as the philosophy and practice of acupuncture, and as she has a scientific background as well as her long and thorough training, I feel that her treatments are to be trusted on all levels. Treatments start with a massage, a double whammy as it feels wonderful as well as kickstarting the body, ready for the acupuncture. i can’t recommend Judy enough. You come out of her clinic feeling that not only have you been helped physically, but that you have now got someone who has listened to and thought about your condition, and is on your side on the journey to improve it."