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Acupuncture Reviews & Success Stories – How Acupuncture Helped Me

Are you thinking of trying acupuncture?

You may find it helpful to read patient reviews, find out what people say about their acupuncture treatment with Judy and how acupuncture has helped them.

All the following reviews are genuine testimonials that clients have sent to me over the years. Click on the list below if you want to read reviews about:

Otherwise see below for reviews relating to acupuncture for other conditions.


Facial Acupuncture

“I have been using Judy’s clinic for several years now and cannot recommend her Facial Acupuncture treatments highly enough. I always find her warm and welcoming and highly professional in every respect. The facial acupuncture treatments are very relaxing with little or no discomfort. I find that my skin always looks and feels smooth and tightened after a treatment. Although I am in my early 60’s I have been complimented on my complexion many times and told that I look years younger than my age. I am convinced that Judy’s treatments have contributed to my even skin tone and overall well being.”

I have been told I look years younger than my age
Emily H, Retired Teacher, Tunbridge Wells
Acupuncture for Acne & Skin Conditions

“I have been having acupuncture with Judy since March because I had very bad teenage acne, I had tried every different face wash and spot cream but with no success. I can really recommend Judy – the spots are so much better and my skin is much less inflamed. At the beginning I didn’t like the idea of the acupuncture needles but now I actually look forward to my twice monthly appointments – it it the most relaxing 45 minutes of my week! It is definitely worth trying Judy’s acupuncture if you are suffering badly from acne.”

Acne – The spots are so much better and my skin is less inflamed
Oliver, Student, Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Acupuncture for Stomach Pain, Digestive Problems, Irritable Bowel Syndrome IBS

“I have been very pleased with the remarkable changes I have experienced after acupuncture with Judy. The stomach pains I was experiencing disappeared within 2 days and I was able to stop taking the medication I was relying on.”

The pains disappeared and I was able to stop the medication…
Kate, Therapist, Rotherfield
Acupuncture for Allergies & Autoimmune Disease

“Hi Judy, I just wanted to say Thank you. My eyes are getting better every day.”

My eyes are getting better every day
Trudi, Charity Administrator, Eridge, Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Acupuncture for Period Pain, Dysmenorrhoea

“Judy is welcoming and kind and from my first visit put me at ease, so although I was nervous about the treatment, I quickly relaxed. Judy’s acupuncture has made a huge difference in relieving the period pains I suffered with since I was 14. I no longer have to resort to strong pain relief medication or spending 1 or 2 days each month being sick and feeling exhausted. The treatment has been so successful in helping me that my periods now start ‘unannounced’ and I can carry on with my daily routine with no adverse symptoms. THANK YOU SO MUCH JUDY.”

I no longer have to resort to strong pain relief medication
Grace, Student, Tunbridge Wells
Acupuncture for Fertility, IVF and Stress

“Dear Judy, I wanted to let you know that I often think of how helpful and calming you were during those stressful IVF rounds in 2017 and 2014. I always recommend acupuncture to anyone I know going through IVF as a result of the wonderful care I had with you.”

I recommend acupuncture to anyone I know going through IVF
Karen, Senior Executive – Finance, Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Acupuncture for vaginal pain and bowel problems

“Judy has helped me cope with unpleasant side effects of gynaecological surgery and ongoing back and bowel problems. At times I have been in a lot of discomfort physically and emotionally drained. Judy listens. Her massage and acupuncture addresses both the physical and the emotional. After a visit I always feel more able to cope with things and there is always some reduction in the discomfort. Recently, when in a particularly bad way, Judy’s treatments really got me out of trouble. I hadn’t seen Judy for a few months and things had deteriorated and I was quite depressed. Judy not only addressed the discomfort, but worked on improving my energy levels. Within a couple of days I felt able to cope better than I had for months and the discomfort is continuing to improve. I have also been able to stop using some of the prescribed medication which is great.”

Reduction in the discomfort
Mary A, Retired, Crowborough
Acupuncture for Pre Menstrual Dysphoric Disorder PMDD and Pre_menstrual Tension PMT

“I have suffered with PMT for most of my adult life and was diagnosed with PMDD 5 years ago. Since I started seeing Judy 8 months ago, my mood and general well-being have improved significantly. I see Judy every 4 weeks to tie in with my cycle. For the last few months the PMT symptoms have been almost non-existent. Judy’s manner is warm and friendly and I can highly recommend her practice.”

My mood and general wellbeing have improved significantly, PMDD
Maggie, Life Coach & Project Manager, Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Acupuncture for respiratory problems, chest Infections and coughs

“Judy. Thank you for today’s session – it worked a treat as my chest infection has gone. After the treatment I coughed a lot and it all cleared.”

My chest infection has gone
Sarah F, Emergency Services, Crowborough
Acupuncture for Bell’s Palsy

“I saw Judy after I had an attack of Bell’s Palsy. Because of the damage to my facial nerves, the muscles in the left side of my face were weak and unresponsive. Judy helped me enormously as I struggled to recover, listening carefully to my symptoms and gently providing treatments to deal with them. Thanks to her care, effort and support, I have fully recovered. I still see Judy regularly for general health maintenance and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.”

Acupuncture helped me recover from Bell’s Palsy
Mary, Film Executive, Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Battlefield Acupuncture for low back pain & sciatica

“Judy. Many thanks for all your kindness and for sorting me out with my magic ear studs.”

Magic ear studs!
Sophie L, Charity Worker, Crowborough
Acupuncture for Insomnia

“I went to see Judy because of insomnia and trouble with sleeping. I had never had acupuncture before and was amazed and delighted with the improvement it made. It is wonderful to be able to sleep properly through the night again. Thank you Judy. I very much appreciate the difference you have made.”

I can sleep properly through the night again
Julia T, Business Consultant, Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Acupuncture for anxiety & stress

“Dear Judy. Thank you very much for all the treatments and mental support you’ve given me in the past few months. I would be more than happy to recommend your acupuncture to my friends and family. I’m sure I will see you again if I need to.”

I would be more than happy to recommend acupuncture to family & friends
Cathy M, Office Manager, Tonbridge, Kent
Acupuncture for Bell’s Palsy

“Thank you for the lovely treatment earlier. My mouth has felt less tense and I was actually able to eat my dinner with more ease – and my mouth isn’t aching after eating.”

My mouth isn’t aching
Jenny, Wadhurst
Acupuncture & massage for neck and shoulder pain

“I first discovered Chinese massage on a cruise boat on the Yangtze river when I visited China and was so impressed with how it helped my aches and pains that I immediately searched for someone who could do this when I got home. Luckily I found Judy with her clinic in Crowborough right on my doorstep. As a horse rider I have had many knocks and falls over the years and had been suffering from whiplash for the last 2 years. Judy recommended combining the massage with acupuncture and it has helped so much with great results. For the first time in over 2 years my neck is now pain free.
I cannot thank Judy enough for the help and relief her treatments have given me. It is a holistic treatment for the whole body that leaves you with a true feeling of wellbeing and relaxation.”

My neck is now pain free
Sue S, Equine B&B Owner, CrowboroughAcupuncture & massage for neck and shoulder pain
Acupuncture for Fertility, Pregnancy & Induction of Labour

“Judy, Thank you so much for all my accupuncture treatments over the last 18 months, and for your kindness, support and advice over this time. I firmly believe the accupuncture contributed to my timely and smooth labour. My contractions started properly just 2 hours after my appointment, and Baby G was born less than 36 hours later, missing her due date by just 4 hours – which is pretty good for a first time Mum.
I have always really enjoyed my visits to you and you helped me through some very low and anxious times. I had hoped to visit for some post birth treatments, but sadly coronavirus has prevented that. I will definitely be seeking your help when it is time for baby number 2 and I will certainly be recommending you to any pregnant friends of mine. All the best xxx “

….acupuncture contributed to my timely and smooth labour
Bea, Jack & Baby G, Tunbridge Wells
Acupuncture for migraine, headache

“I decided to contact Judy for acupuncture after suffering from chronic migraines, I had resorted to taking daily preventative medication for the pain but did not want to rely on the medication long term. Judy has been treating me with acupuncture and massage the care and attention I have received from Judy has always been outstanding. Her professionalism and knowledge has greatly improved my understanding of migraines, how best to manage them and my wellbeing. I still see her for occasional treatment for neck and back tension due to my type of work but have been able to stop taking the medication which I was so reliant on before. Thank you Judy.”

I have been able to stop taking the medication
Eleanor G, Costume Maker, Wadhurst
Acupuncture for Bell’s Palsy

I started seeing Judy in the beginning of July after having been diagnosed with a severe case of Bell’s Palsy (the whole of the right side of my face was paralysed to the point that I couldn’t blink, and my speech was severely impaired).
The doctor at the hospital said that recovery was usually achieved within 9 months; however, from his experience, those patients who undertook acupuncture often had a quicker (and due to it being nerves, therefore better) recovery.
As we were in the midst of lockdown, I wasn’t sure if anyone would be able to see me, but, after some research, I found Judy and sent her a message. She very swiftly responded and undertook an initial telephone assessment. She recognised that my case would be considered urgent, and she was therefore able to see me.
I had never had acupuncture before, and didn’t really know what to expect, but I arrived to find an incredibly professional, clean and welcoming studio within a very short and easy to find journey from Tunbridge Wells. Judy allayed my initial worries and had a quick chat and then got on with the treatment.
Within the space of 1 month of multiple treatments, I am pretty much completely recovered. Doctor friends have commented that they have never seen such a quick and successful recovery, and I am certain that Judy’s work has played a significant role in this; there were noticeable improvements immediately after each session.
Judy is welcoming, warm, and just a genuinely lovely person who acts with a level of kindness, courtesy and professionalism which immediately puts you at ease. I could not recommend her highly enough and will be sure to see her with any other ailments for which acupuncture may be recommended in the future

Quick and successful recovery from Bell’s Palsy
Tom B, Underwriting Manager, Tunbridge Wells
Acupuncture for polymyalgia, osteoarthritis, chronic pain & chronic fatigue

“I have been treated by Judy for the past 6 months for a series of chronic and acute conditions including PMR, osteoarthritis and pulled muscles and ligaments. I found Judy’s knowledge and practice of acupuncture to be excellent and for me the outcomes have been particularly great in the areas of pain management and recovery from injury. My overall health, stamina and sense of wellbeing has improved significantly and I have finally regained much of my old energy levels.
Judy is a warm, confident practitioner who works closely in partnership with her patient. I would highly recommend her.”

Pain management and recovery from injury
Hilary A, Therapist, Crowborough
Acupuncture for Insomnia, Sleep Problems

“Hi Judy, Thank you for a great treatment yesterday, I slept better last night than I have done in months, even slept through my alarm which is unheard of!”

I slept better last night than I have done for months
Helen, Teacher, Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Acupuncture for ulcerative colitis and fertility

“I first went to Judy for help in 2015. My husband and I had been trying, unsuccessfully, to conceive a child for over 6 years and were on the point of considering going down the IVF route. We’d read about Judy’s specialism in fertility and so we were desperate to try anything that might help before we did that. I also suffer from Ulcerative Colitis which is a very debilitating condition. Over 2015, Judy gave me a weekly session starting with massage and then worked on various points to improve my fertility, rebalance my energy levels and reduce the effects of my UC. By April 2016, I got the magic line in the pregnancy test window and we now have a healthy 22 month old boy. Even better, another child on the way. I am certain that Judy’s treatments helped my body to rebalance itself and get it ready to be pregnant and my husband and I are so happy we found her. If we had not, who knows where we might still be now. The UC still continually troubles me but the sessions lessen its impact and though I feel tired after them, I do always feel better too. I would not hesitate to recommend that anyone who needs help with fertility, but also any other issue contact Judy first. She is highly experienced, professional and kind.”

I do always feel better ……after acupuncture
Samantha D, Bank Executive, Tonbridge
Acupuncture for Depression & Fatigue

“Thank you Judy – your treatment has helped Roger as always. He has been brighter in himself and more engaged with things.”

Your treatment has greatly helped
Jane, wife of Roger, Retired, Heathfield, Sussex
Acupuncture for fertility & IVF

“I was recommended Judy through a friend who saw her for acupuncture treatment to work alongside fertility treatment. I have had a long journey of trying to conceive our baby and always found Judy very professional and helpful during our IVF treatment. The treatment itself is very relaxing, and always starts with a lovely massage. I would recommend Judy to anyone who wants acupuncture to work alongside fertility treatment. Our last round of IVF worked and our baby is due soon. “

Review of my acupuncture treatment for IVF and fertility
Karen M, Broker, Tonbridge
Acupuncture for Chemotherapy related Fatigue & Anxiety

“Hi Judy, yesterdays needles were spot on. My health app on my iphone showed my stress level down to 20% from 70%, my energy up to 80% from 30% and my overall health up to 100% from 70%. So all good :)”

Stress level down, energy up
Peter M, Insurance Broker, Maresfield, East Sussex
Acupuncture for side effects of chemo for ovarian cancer

“I cannot recommend Judy enough – she has been a major factor in helping me navigate through some gruelling rounds of chemo after my Ovarian cancer metastasised earlier this year. I have managed to stave off the majority of the awful side effects that most people suffer during chemo and I am convinced that my regular acupuncture treatments have played a major part in this. Judy is incredibly knowledgeable beyond just her acupuncture expertise and she has helped me embrace all the alternative treatments that I have chosen to help support me on my journey.”

Acupuncture treatments have played a part in staving off awful side effects of chemo
Jane J, Senior Executive, Rotherfield
Acupuncture for headaches, hormonal issues

“I initially visited Judy as I was suffering with severe headaches; Judy gave me a warm welcome and I felt relaxed with her from the start. Judy cured me of the recurrent headaches and I have since been treated by her for ‘trigger finger’ and hormonal issues. Seeing Judy regularly has made a significant difference to my general well being and I leave my sessions feeling relaxed and refreshed. Judy’s professionalism and genuinely caring nature always make me feel I am in good hands. I am really grateful to Judy and highly recommend her. “

Regular acupuncture has made a significant difference to my wellbeing
Sarah S, Book keeper, Tunbridge Wells
Acupuncture for arthritic pain & well-being

“I first went to Judy because the joints in my fingers were becoming arthritic and painful.
I now have no pain or swelling in my hands, and am in really good health, which I put down to regular ‘top up’ acupuncture appointments. Also, my blood pressure is exemplary, unusual for someone like me who enjoys food and wine – this is apparently an acknowledged result of acupuncture.
Over the years Judy has successfully treated me for plantar fasciitis, neuralgia, hair loss, knee pain and bad sleep patterns. She is extremely knowledgeable about diet as well as the philosophy and practice of acupuncture, and as she has a scientific background as well as her long and thorough training, I feel that her treatments are to be trusted on all levels.
Treatments start with a massage, a double whammy as it feels wonderful as well as kickstarting the body, ready for the acupuncture.
i can’t recommend Judy enough. You come out of her clinic feeling that not only have you been helped physically, but that you have now got someone who has listened to and thought about your condition, and is on your side on the journey to improve it.”

My fingers were arthritic and painful
Anna T, Piano Teacher, Mayfield
Acupuncture for Insomnia, Wellbeing & Vitality

“Hi Judy. Just wanted to say how amazing I felt after acupuncture yesterday. I had the best night’s sleep too. Thank you so much for an incredible treatment.”

How amazing I felt after acupuncture
Hayley, Massage Therapist, Kent
Acupuncture for Post Operative Pain, Scar Healing

“I had a lot of nerve pain following a major operation. I have had acupuncture from Judy in the past and it has always helped, so I thought I would ask Judy to see if she could assist me. I was so pleased that after a few treatments, the pain had improved enormously. Acupuncture also massively improved the look of my scars. In fact they look so much better it is hard to believe they are so recent. I would certainly recommend anyone with nerve pain and/or unsightly scar tissue to give acupuncture a try.”

The pain has improved enormously and the scars look so much better
Laura T, Executive, Crowborough, East Sussex
Acupuncture for Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue CFS, Headaches

“I am extremely happy with the professional manner in which my treatments have been conducted, and with the very positive results. I have suffered from fibromyalgia for the past 2 years. But after acupuncture I have very little pain or stiffness remaining and am now able to swim freely again – including front crawl. I have also been helped with relief from severe and frequent headaches and emotional distress. I couldn’t be more pleased with the results achieved.”

I have very little pain or stiffness
Ms H, Veterinary Assistant, Sharpthorne, Sussex
Acupuncture for Stress, Anxiety & Depression

“Thank you for my treatment today Judy. You are a real tonic!”

…A real tonic!
Amanda, Nurse, Maresfield
Scenar Therapy for Pain Relief

“Thank you so much for the lovely acupuncture session yesterday. The combination of massage and Scenar are really helping to ease the discomfort in my leg and hip.
You are a great communicator and a very caring practitioner. I felt very safe [during my session] and for the first time got a greater understanding of my overall condition.”

Scenar …..helping to ease the discomfort in my leg and hip
Beverley, Life Coach & Reiki Practitioner, Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Acupuncture for Headaches & Migraines

“Over the 2 year treatment period of once a month I went from having 50% headaches (15 days out of 30) to just 1 headache every 8 weeks. I cannot speak too highly of Judy and how my life is so much more rewarding. Conventional medicine only recommended taking painkillers. I have no idea how it works – but work it did for me!”

I have no idea how it works – but work it did for me!
Bridget B, Retired, Eastbourne
Acupuncture for Shingles, Herpes Zoster

“Judy is an experienced and very effective acupuncturist. I have recently being seeing her after being diagnosed with shingles. Acupuncture with Judy really helped me with the nerve pain in my head. The combination of her soothing uplifting massage compliments her [acupuncture] treatment. I feel that the acupuncture helped me recover more quickly and re-gain my energy. I highly recommend Judy. Thank you!”

Helped me with the nerve pain
Caroline A, Reflexologist, Tunbridge Wells
Acupuncture for Wellbeing & Vitality

“After just 4 sessions of acupuncture with Judy I already feel more energised and balanced generally….I fully intend to continue with treatment as I understand, as an energy practitioner myself, that when the energies are balanced, a platform for healing is provided and a good level of health can be reached. Judy is incredibly knowledgeable and professional in her practice and I would recommend her without further hesitation.”

I already feel more energised and balanced
Caroline, Wellness Coach, Tunbridge Wells
About The Holloway Acupuncture Clinic, Crowborough, East Sussex

“What I noticed about Judy’s treatment room was the serene energy. With her light hearted way the atmosphere felt safe and healing, a lovely place.”

Safe and healing – a lovely place
Caroline S, Wellness Coach, Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Acupuncture for Period Pains, PMT, Acne

I cannot recommend Judy enough, she, in short, has given me, my life back. For the last fifteen years I have suffered with excruciating period pain, resulting in me having to take two days off work every month. For three out of four weeks I would dread the day my period was due to start, knowing I would be confined to bed, be bent over double in pain, and even have panic attacks because the pain would be so intense. Conventional medicine had failed me, despite trying every avenue my GP recommended, I thought I’d just have to live with it – that was until I met Judy. I have only been seeing Judy since last October, but my bad skin, back acne, PMT and period pain has all disappeared. I no longer dread those two days every month, and I can go to work without a worry in the world! Acupuncture has given be a new lease of life and I am forever indebted to her!

I no longer dread those two days every month
Cassandra, Media Director, Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Acupuncture for Allergies, Hayfever

“In the height of the Summer when I was 7 months pregnant I was suffering from hay fever so badly that I felt like I had the flu and was confined in doors for much of the day. As I was pregnant, anti histamines were not an option and so I looked to acupuncture for some help. Judy fit me in for an appointment promptly, following a consultation she got straight to work on this issue and following 4 appointments with her, my hay fever had completely disappeared and I am thrilled to say that I haven’t suffered with hay fever since then! I am so grateful for Judy, she is professional, knowledgeable and extremely talented. Thank you Judy!!”

After 4 treatments my hayfever had completely disappeared
Claire, Therapist, Uckfield, East Sussex

“Whatever you did on my back at the last acupuncture treatment has really worked a treat. I am feeling a lot better….a lot more ‘up’ generally and full of the joys of Spring! The pain in my back has eased. This has made a huge difference to me.”

Acupuncture for Colds & Flu

“Thank you so much for my treatment yesterday, it was remarkable, I am almost back to full health.”

I am almost back to full health
Dorothy L, Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Acupuncture for Insomnia

“Dear Judy. I just wanted to thank you for the help you have given me through acupuncture. I hadn’t slept properly for a night for the last 15 years, and since the treatment over the past six months I am now getting at least seven hours sleep a night. I have to admit that I was very sceptical about this treatment and it really was “the last chance saloon” but my wife talked me in to it, and I am now happy to recommend acupuncture to anyone.”

I am now getting at least seven hours sleep a night
Doug, Landlord, West Sussex
Acupuncture for Skin Conditions, Acne

“After going through my teenage years acne free I started getting painful spots on my face in my mid twenties. All the doctors and subsequent dermatologists I saw told me it was normal for adults to get acne without any reason. I was prescribed topical creams and medication which had no effect. In my late thirties, I was referred to Judy to try acupuncture and not only did Judy explain why I was getting the spots, but the treatments had an immediate result. After a few sessions my skin started to clear up and I was not getting spots as often. The treatments also made me feel more relaxed and a sense of wellbeing. To anyone thinking of acupuncture, I would definitely recommend seeing Judy for excellent results.”

After a few sessions my skin started to clear up
Fernando M, Maidstone, Kent
Battlefield (Ear) Acupuncture for Pain Relief

The ear studs seem to be working very well. I haven’t had leg ache since they’ve been put in, which is amazing because I have that all the time, and it’s a huge relief…I’m so pleased with how well this works! Thank you!

Huge relief…….I am so pleased with how well this works
Hazel, Office Administrator, Heathfield, Sussex
Acupuncture and Massage for Back pain, Sciatica

“I have been seeing Judy for a long standing back problem. I have a bulge on a disc and some compression problems causing sciatica.

The pain being worse after long walks and when lying down at night. Judy has used a combination of massage and acupuncture to give me pain relief. I can actually feel my spinal muscles relaxing as the needles are placed. After a treatment I feel so much better, more mobile, relaxed and energised. My legs feel much lighter after the treatment and I certainly sleep better without the pain.

Many thanks for my treatment yesterday. I felt no pain all night – bliss, and managed to do plenty of walking round London today. You really hit the spot!”

I feel so much better and sleep better without the pain
Jane, Reflexologist, Tunbridge Wells
Acupuncture for Chronic Illness

“Judy has been treating me for about 4 years. I had a routine operation several years ago but after several months was not recovering well. This was the beginning of what turned out to be a long journey back to health and included visits to several consultants with a string of symptoms, common to many illnesses, that made diagnosis difficult. My energy levels were very low, and having done a little research on alternative treatments , I decided to try acupuncture. I used the internet to find a practitioner and chose Judy. It turned out to be an excellent choice. Judy listened carefully and treated the various symptoms including low energy levels, as they occurred which improved my quality of life as well as supported me through difficult times. Although I have since been given a diagnosis of AL amyloidosis and have had treatment to slow down its progress, Judy’s treatment has been, and is, so helpful in giving relief with the symptoms. I have also felt empowered by her treatments and the sessions have contributed much to my wellbeing.”

…so helpful in giving relief with the symptoms
Jeanette B, Retired Teacher, Crowborough
Acupuncture for High Blood Pressure, Kidney Problems

“Excellent professional service. Judy helped me with kidney and high blood pressure issues to the extent that my last blood test came back normal. Big thank you to Judy. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

My last blood tests came back normal
Julie L, Data Analyst, Copthorne, Surrey
About Judy – Professional, holistic care

Hi Judy. Thank you so much for another lovely treatment. You have a lovely manner and approach, and I’m very happy to be coming to you. It feels like you are working in a way which is gently supportive and nurturing, which suits me very well.

Lovely treatment
Julie S, Yoga Teacher, Crowborough, East Sussex
Acupuncture for Respiratory Problems, Asthma, Sinusitis

“Judy, thank you so much for my acupuncture treatment, I have felt wonderful and been able to cut down on my asthma inhaler.”

I have felt wonderful
Liz W, Receptionist, East Grinstead, West Sussex
Acupuncture for Respiratory Problems, Asthma, Sinusitis, Acupuncture for sciatica

“After one session of acupuncture, my sinus problem cleared, and after 3 sessions, my sciatic pain was nearly gone. I continue to receive acupuncture once a month because it helps with my general well-being and keeps me healthy. Acupuncture also helped me cope with my husband’s recent illness. My husband also has acupuncture – he recently suffered a stroke. He has Parkinson’s Disease and suffers with hot sweats. Acupuncture helps him with these problems too. I would recommend that therapy [acupuncture] to any one as the needles are painless and it’s very rewarding.”

I would recommend acupuncture to anyone
Margaret, Retired, Cowfold
Acupuncture for Stress, Anxiety & Depression

When I moved to Sussex a friend recommended acupuncture to help with stress after a divorce. What a gem Judy proved to be, always professional and kind, she covers all aspects of acupuncture, nothing is a problem. The Chinese Massage is a wonderful bonus compared to other treatment I have had. I always feel relaxed when I leave, I’m afraid she’s got me for life!!

I always feel relaxed when I leave
Margaret, Retired, Uckfield, Sussex
About Massage

For the last two years I received massage with Judy. I went for treatment for two reasons: to help repair some of the damage I do to my legs by running so much; and for personal relaxation and “me time”. The massages have always been to a high standard and I have been made to feel completely at ease during the treatments. We discuss how I am feeling at each appointment and the treatment is tailored so injuries and problems are considered. I leave feeling relaxed and uplifted.

I leave feeling relaxed and uplifted
Mary, University Lecturer, London
Acupuncture for Tennis Elbow, Back pain, RSI

“Suffering from tennis elbow, I initially sought treatment from my GP. After no apparent improvement a friend recommended acupuncture. It was a great recommendation as I’m now happily back playing racquet sports as before, without pain! The added bonus was that following acupuncture I generally felt much better in myself. As a consequence, I would recommend acupuncture to anyone, and will continue myself to enjoy the benefits of treatment.”

I’m now happily back playing racquet sports as before, without pain!
Mike, Office Worker, East Grinstead, West Sussex
About Judy – Professional, Holistic Care

“I have attended Judy Bowen-Jones many times and have found acupuncture successful. Judy is kind and efficient. I am much improved thanks to Judy and acupuncture.”

Successful acupuncture
Mrs B, East Grinstead, West Sussex
Acupuncture for Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue

I am delighted to recommend acupuncture. It has helped me enormously in the management of my M.E. and its debilitating symptoms. I find the sessions work on different levels. Firstly, with pain control, with almost immediate relief from painful, stiff joints and swollen glands. Secondly, I gain more energy which is in rather short supply with M.E. Acupuncture also works for me at a constitutional level and I always feel more able to face the challenges of life after a session. I am convinced that my acupuncture sessions enable me to stay in part-time employment. I tried many therapies and treatments when I was diagnosed with M.E. However, acupuncture is something I have stuck with because it works! Thank you Judy for everything.

Acupuncture is something I have stuck with because it works!
Rachel, Health Visitor, East Grinstead, West Sussex
Acupuncture for Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue

“I really cannot believe how much of a difference this has made for me. It was my “last chance” resort for something to help my fibro, and as a non believer, I had no preconception that it would make a difference. But it has, I was shocked that I was finally being treated as a person and not just symptoms and for the first time in years I’m moving about and feeling more human. Thank You Judy Thank you a million times!!”

I really cannot believe how much of a difference this has made for me
Sam, IT Manager, Jarvis Brook, Sussex
Acupuncture for Respiratory Problems, Asthma, Sinusitis

“Overworked, overtired, washed out and ‘grey’ – that’s how I was when I came to see Judy. My long term sinus problems and asthma had not responded to any of the various treatments my private medical insurance had offered and I was running out of options. Judy’s careful and expert attention has produced dramatic results in a very short time. I sleep better, I no longer take any medication, and have much more energy and vitality. People keep telling me how well I look! I highly recommend Judy to anyone looking for another option to get well again.”

I no longer take any medication
Sarah, Management Consultant, Mayfield

Acupuncture Testimonials

“Years ago, when I was studying acupuncture, I was told that one of the best things about being an acupuncturist is how your clients enrich your life with their stories and insights into their lives. At the time I didn’t fully appreciate what that meant. I do now. It is a privilege to be an acupuncturist and I am honoured that my clients share their stories with me. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to leave me their feedback and for giving their consent to include these wonderful reviews on my website for others to see.”

Judy Bowen-Jones Lic Ac BSc Hons Ac MBAcC