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4 Easy Ways to Reduce Pre Menstrual Tension

Fed up with feeling lousy before your period? If you suffer from irritability, tearfulness, breast tenderness or bloating in the days before your period then you are probably suffering from pre menstrual tension (pre menstrual syndrome). In severe cases symptoms may start up to two weeks before menstruation. Sometimes it feels as if your periods have taken over your life. There are a number of things you can do to help reduce your PMS symptoms……

Go for a twenty minute walk every day

In Chinese Medical Terms, PMS occurs because our energy gets stuck (Liver qi stagnation). Just a few minutes exercise every day helps move qi, clear stagnation and lift your spirits. Walking is great…and practical if you walk to work. But any form of exercise that you enjoy will help – swimming, dancing, tai qi or yoga.

Avoid or minimise stress

You have probably noticed that your pre menstrual symptoms are worse when you have had a stressful month. So managing your stress and avoiding stressful situations will help. Research shows that acupuncture calms our stress response and promotes relaxation.

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The effects of caffeine

Caffeinated drinks such as tea, coffee and colas make us feel tense and agitated. Try to cut down or eliminate caffeinated drinks, particularly in the weeks leading up to your period. If you currently drink more than 2 or 3 caffeinated drinks a day you will need to cut down gradually to avoid headaches and caffeine withdrawal symptoms.

Young woman waking up happy and refreshedIf you cut out caffeine you will probably sleep better too and wake up feeling more refreshed.

Take a 20 minute rest every day
We lead such busy lives it is important to stop and enjoy a few minutes stillness every day. Reading or watching TV does not count…..your mind is still busy! If it’s a nice day, take a short walk, find a bench, sit, breathe, listen, be aware of your body. If the weather is not great, find a quiet space and take a power nap. After just a few minutes you will feel better.

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What clients say about Judy Bowen-Jones

“I cannot recommend Judy enough, she, in short, has given me, my life back. For the last fifteen years I have suffered with excruciating period pain, resulting in me having to take two days off work every month. For three out of four weeks I would dread the day my period was due to start, knowing I would be confined to bed, be bent over double in pain, and even have panic attacks because the pain would be so intense. Conventional medicine had failed me, despite trying every avenue my GP recommended, I thought I’d just have to live with it – that was until I met Judy. I have only been seeing Judy since last October, but my bad skin, back acne, PMT and period pain has all disappeared. I no longer dread those two days every month, and I can go to work without a worry in the world! Acupuncture has given be a new lease of life and I am forever indebted to her!” Cassandra, Media Director, Tunbridge Wells

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