Judy Bowen-Jones
Samantha D, Bank Executive, Tonbridge
Acupuncture for ulcerative colitis and fertility
"I first went to Judy for help in 2015. My husband and I had been trying, unsuccessfully, to conceive a child for over 6 years and were on the point of considering going down the IVF route. We'd read about Judy's specialism in fertility and so we were desperate to try anything that might help before we did that. I also suffer from Ulcerative Colitis which is a very debilitating condition. Over 2015, Judy gave me a weekly session starting with massage and then worked on various points to improve my fertility, rebalance my energy levels and reduce the effects of my UC. By April 2016, I got the magic line in the pregnancy test window and we now have a healthy 22 month old boy. Even better, another child on the way. I am certain that Judy's treatments helped my body to rebalance itself and get it ready to be pregnant and my husband and I are so happy we found her. If we had not, who knows where we might still be now. The UC still continually troubles me but the sessions lessen its impact and though I feel tired after them, I do always feel better too. I would not hesitate to recommend that anyone who needs help with fertility, but also any other issue contact Judy first. She is highly experienced, professional and kind."