Judy Bowen-Jones
Mary A, Retired, Crowborough
Acupuncture for vaginal pain and bowel problems
"Judy has helped me cope with unpleasant side effects of gynaecological surgery and ongoing back and bowel problems. At times I have been in a lot of discomfort physically and emotionally drained. Judy listens. Her massage and acupuncture addresses both the physical and the emotional. After a visit I always feel more able to cope with things and there is always some reduction in the discomfort. Recently, when in a particularly bad way, Judy’s treatments really got me out of trouble. I hadn’t seen Judy for a few months and things had deteriorated and I was quite depressed. Judy not only addressed the discomfort, but worked on improving my energy levels. Within a couple of days I felt able to cope better than I had for months and the discomfort is continuing to improve. I have also been able to stop using some of the prescribed medication which is great."