Judy Bowen-Jones
Anita, Emergency Services Support Worker, Crowborough
Acupuncture for Fertility & IVF
"I met Judy when my husband had treatment with her for a shoulder injury. I felt at ease from the minute I met her and have always been at ease when being treated by her. Subsequently we found out that it would be necessary for us to have fertility treatment to start our family. So I contacted Judy and we chatted over the options and booked in some sessions - never once did I feel pressured to continue with treatment and I felt that Judy was always very aware of the financial strain this was having on us. Throughout the whole process I was positive, upbeat and calm. I genuinely believe this is as a result of the acupuncture treatment I had throughout fertility treatment and pregnancy. I did not suffer with feeling overly tired (despite working shifts) throughout the first few months of my pregnancy, nor did I suffer with morning sickness. I am convinced this was because of the treatment I had beforehand! I continued to see Judy throughout my pregnancy and every other day when my daughter went 2 weeks overdue, again she was flexible and happy to do anything she could to fit me in! "