Judy Bowen-Jones
Katie, Teacher, Tonbridge
Acupuncture for infertility and IVF
"I went to Judy after lots of research on the benefits of acupuncture to help IVF treatments. From the very first phone conversation I knew that Judy would be able to calm me and help. I attended both her Crowborough and Tunbridge Wells clinics and both are great. Judy is incredibly professional and really puts you at ease, she listened very patiently to me and explained thoroughly what each treatment would aim to do. We opted to have acupuncture weekly and then to have one the day before and then one a few hours after implantation, followed by two more following implantation. I firmly believe that Judy is one of the main reasons that this cycle worked when others failed, we welcomed a very healthy Chloe into our lives in November and I will always be thankful that my google search led me to Judy. She is brilliant at her job and I cannot recommend her highly enough."