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How Acupuncture Can Improve Your Health

This talk provides a colourful introduction to the basic principles of Chinese Medicine, how acupuncture works, what conditions it is used for, what happens during a consultation, acupuncture & related techniques (acupressure, massage, moxa, cupping etc).

Relieving Stress the Natural Way

This animated talk looks at the causes of stress, what happens when we get stressed and what we can do about it. The presentation includes demonstration (and audience participation!) of simple techniques and relaxation exercises (based on Chinese Medical principles and the ancient practice of Qi Gong).

Feeling Under the Weather? How Climate Affects Your Health

The climates (weather conditions) affect each of us differently. Some of us love the summer heat, some hate it. Sufferers of arthritis often report that their symptoms are worse in damp weather. Windy weather can give us a headache. Why? This talk helps us identify our individual inner climate and how we can optimise our health by understanding and respecting the effects of climate.

You are what you eat – Understanding the Energetics of Food

Our diet has a profound effect on our health. According to Chinese Medical Theory, different foods have different inherent energetic qualities, such as being cooling, warming or dampening in nature. If we understand our individual constitution and the energetics of foods, we can select foods that suit us and use diet to improve our health.

Each of the above talks can be adapted to the needs of your group and the size of the audience. For bigger groups, I tend to use computer generated images with a projector and screen. For smaller groups, I can use a laptop or flipchart presentation or chat more informally. Usually, I bring along a range of relevant props and/or an exhibition stand, to add interest.

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Judy is a registered acupuncture provider for the following private medical insurers:
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If you want to reclaim your acupuncture fees via your insurer, please check with them in advance.